How the Online Andar Bahar is played?

  1. The online Andar bahar game begins with a dealer dealing the first card which is called the Joker card. (Suppose it’s 8 Hearts)
  2. If the suit of Joker card turns out to be black, the next card is dealt on Andar side and, on Bahar side if the suit is red.
  3. The dealer then deals cards on both the Andar and Bahar side of the joker card alternatively.
  4. Players must bet on the one side, either Andar or Bahar where the matching card will be dealt by the end of the game.
  5. The game is over as soon as a card matching the Joker card is dealt. (8 Diamonds/ 8 Spades or 8 clubs)
  6. You can start betting with Andar Bahar tricks that with a minimum amount of INR 50 and can go up to INR 5000 as your highest bet. The winnings are paid at the rate of 1.9x of your bet.

The rules of the game are pretty much simple: it asks players to place their preferred cards on the left deck (Andar) or on the right deck (Bahar). There are 50 – 50 chances of winning for all players and most games usually involve a deck of cards (usually one deck) that are dealt in front of players. The dealer who deals the card makes a cut at the deck and reveals the card to the players. Now players have the option to place bets on either Andar or on Bahar, thus professing whether or not the next unrevealed card has the same face value.

This can be explained shortly where a dealer cuts a deck with a card owning a face value of 5. Players will now have to bet on either Andar or Bahar. Now the dealer starts dealing cards on both the slots consecutively. If a card that has the same face value of 5 falls on either of the slots (Andar or Bahar), all players who made the right selection win and double their profits. All players who choose the wrong side, lose.

The dealer, when dealing cards after the cut on the deck, starts doing so by checking the suite of the revealed card. If it’s a black suit, then the dealer starts dealing from Andar. If it’s red, then the dealer starts dealing from Bahar. Only by knowing the basic rules thoroughly, can you build a series of Andar Bahar Tricks just for your personal style.