Online Andar Bahar Variations

Online Andar Bahar is apparent from the colourful descriptions and explination of this game on the Internet that there are a lot of variations. It would be particularly interesting to hear from people who have taken part in private games in India, and can confirm what rules are most frequently used in the traditional offline performances of the game.

Where the first card is dealt

Rather than choosing the side on the base of the colour of the house card, in numerous places the first card is always dealt to Andar, the alternate to Bahar and so on. In that case of course the odds offered on Andar are 0.9 to 1 and on Bahar 1 to 1.

Some explinations of online andar bahar indicate that it isn’t the house card but the first player card whose colour determines whether this first card is dealt to the Andar or Bahar pile. This revision does make the original bet nearly a 50/50 chance since the colour of this card isn’t known when the bet is placed. Conceivably that’s the motive for this rule, but it appears that the payout remains as0.91 for winning bets on the side of the first dealt card and 11 for winning bets on the side of the second card.

Second bet after seeing two cards

Some allow the player to place a farther bet on either side after seeing the first two cards, if neither of them matched the house card. At this point the odds in favour of the first match appearing on the same side as the first card dealt are veritably slightly better than at the launch of the game (roughly51.58%)

Bet on number of cards dealt

Although it is not a feature of the traditional game, many online casinos allow the player to bet on how many cards will be dealt until the house card is matched. These bets may be offered in ranges, for example:

Number of cards dealtPayout oddsHouse edge

Bet on house card

Before the house card is dealt, some online casinos allow a player to bet on its rank, suit or colour. For example:

House card predictionpayout oddshouse edge
colour red or black0.9:15.00%

So for example if a player bets ‘outside’ on the 5th card in the row and the indicator card is red, then for this player the winning side for position 1 will be inside (opposite to the bet) and for the following positions 2:outside, 3:inside, 4:outside, 5:inside, so the bet loses.

Note that the winning positions are determined separately for each player, so if another player had bet ‘inside’ on the 5th card in the row, that player would lose as well, because for them the winning side in the 1st position and every odd position would be ‘outside’ – opposite to their bet.

If we have understood this correctly, the players are really just betting on the colour of the indicator card. With a black indicator card all bets on odd numbered positions will win and with a red card all bets on even positions will win. Apparently it does not matter what card is in that position in the row, or whether the bet was inside or outside.

Note that if player X bets (for example) outside on position 6, then for another player Y there is a difference between betting inside on position 6 and betting that player X will lose. If the indicator card is red, all initial bets on position 6 will lose, whether inside or outside, but any player betting against another player who has bet on position 6 will win. Online Andar Bahar is has many similar feature as the traditional ones.